And more...

If you were to print out this site hard copy, it would be over 500 pages. So there's a lot here, and still it's not comprehensive.

Instead of trying to cover everything, I'm focusing on what I believe is...

The heart of the matter.

My commitment is to help you develop...

Your personal power.

Because then you'll be more powerful professionally and politically.

The key pages are on the menu bar at the right. But as I add other pages I'll list them here...


The credo strategy - to show people who you are
Hate bragging, but want people to see you so you can attract kindred spirits?

Leaders vs. managers? Or synergy?
Social change depends on both leaders and managers working closely together. And in many nonprofits leaders are managers and managers are leaders. So let's get rid of the "versus" and replace it with partnership.



There's one favor I'd like to ask...

Please don't turn anything I say here into a should.

As you read my pages, please always ask yourself...

Is this something I need?

Is this right for me?

Is it right for me right now?

I urge you to be a conscious consumer of information, including mine, especially mine, because some of what I say is a bit idiosyncratic.

It's not that I don't believe in the things I write. I do. I'll stand by them anytime, anywhere. But even at my most passionate and most convinced, still I'm only one person with my own life experience.

And you are still your own person and the leader of your own nonprofit...

So I urge you to always make sure your decisions come from the inside not from the outside.



Complete confidentiality is part of the coaching I do. Any client deserves it, but I think nonprofit leaders, being so much in the spotlight and under the microscope, have a special need for it.

So when I write up stories and scenarios, and I have a lot of them on this site, I change details, sometimes every single detail. The fiction writer in me takes over. But I want you to know that the spirit and message of every story is absolutely true to life.


© 2008 Rich Snowdon